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Every Christian's goal is to make Jesus famous!
"You are my witnesses", declares the Lord.

My name is Stephanie
I am 22
I am a Christian and
my Church is All for Christ

Programmer by profession.
Vocalist by ministry.
MakeUp Artist by passion.
Director by frustration.

I blog about what matters to my heart

My desire is that in everything, - yes EVERY THING that I do, God may be pleased and be recognized as the source of all perfect things.

I ♥ Asian movies
SHE fan
JOO fan
half SONE
half WONDER-Ful

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    Holy Week

    I grew up on the tradition that every Holy week, oh .. very different. Some are saying that there is no God, we should be very careful literally. Bawal Magsaya (Being happy is prohibited). Ye .. this is what ‘solemn’ means for some.

    and ye ..As I learn the real stuff why Holy Week is celebrated. This season has become more meaningful for me. I learn that in fact, every human should be celebrating! Hey! Let’s celebrate the salvation God gave us! :)

    Yesterday, we just had the Jesus Festival! A perfect event! ‘twas 6pm to 6am non stop worship - dancing singing, jumping and drowning in God’s presence.

    Cant describe how superb I felt! Oh ner.. we just stayed up to 12mn only :)

    I want more!

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